About Wichita

The Wichita Metro Area
is the largest area in Kansas with almost 700,000 residents. The Metro area is ranked as 84th largest in the US. The majority of the Metro Area is in Sedgwick County.

Wichita has many nicknames: The Emerald City, Doo-Dah, ICT and the Air Capital of the World to name a few. The Emerald City refers to the Wizard of Oz fame. Doo-Dah perhaps references the laid back attitude of some visitors and ICT is our Airport call sign.

Air Capital

Wichita is home to Boeing Aircraft Company, Spirit Aviation, Textron Aviation (a merging of both Beechcraft & Cessna) and Bombardier Learjet.

Economy Today

Aircraft Manufacturing is still the major employer in the Wichita Metro area with Healthcare being the second largest industry. Koch Industries and Cargill are the 2 largest privately held companies in the United States and operate in Wichita.